At Sainte Noire Beauty, where beauty embraces heritage, our brand finds inspiration from the lives of saints and extraordinary women. 'Sainte Noire Beauty' signifies the merging of respecting beauty's sanctity and honoring the incredible stories of women. Our debut Josephine Collection, is a tribute to the esteemed Saint Josephine Margaret Bakhita, embodies this fusion by honoring the strength and grace of remarkable women throughout history.

Each lash design within our Josephine Collection is a tribute to these influential women, seamlessly weaving their legacies into our products. It's essential to highlight that our brand is inclusive and designed for everyone. While honoring these influential figures, our products are created to resonate with a diverse audience, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Our lashes demonstrate cultural diversity, thoughtfully crafted from vegan and cruelty-free materials, signifying our unwavering commitment to ethical beauty practices. Our goal is to intertwine beauty with heritage, offering more than just products—a collection that echoes the richness of history and supports the empowerment of women.

Visit our Legal Notice page for more information on the usage of these women's names.